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1). (A.A.S 6000)








Optical Sysem : Czerny - Turner (C-T) type monochromator
Wavelength range 190nm~900nm
Spectral bandwidth 0.1nm,0.2nm,0.5nm,1.0nm,and 2.0nm.(5steps, with automatic changeover)
Wavelength accuracy +/-0.3nm(automatic correction)
Wavelength reproducibility 0.2nm
Resolution over 0.3nm
Baseline Stability 0.005A/30min
Granting Czerny-turner mount, 1800lines/nm
Focal length 300mm
Scan mode Automatic
Light source 8 lamps/2 lamps lit
Lamp positioning Auto position setting, fine scanning function
Background correction UV background correction
Self-reversal background correction
Atomization system Titanium metal burner head(single slit : 100mm×0.6mm); rot-proof spray spray chamber, high efficiency glass nebulizer;burner height auto-adjustable
Absorbance, concentration, transmittance, emission intensity
Read-out mode Continuous, peak height, peak area
Output mode On-line instrument operating staus display, CRT display& printout of measurement results, calibration curve, signal profile, instrumental parameters and all other kinds of graph etc.
Data processing
Multi-standard calibration method, standard addition method, interpolation method; intergration time(0.1~20seconds), Sampling delay(0~20 seconds), number of deviation( S.D.),relative standard deviation (R.S.D)etc,. correlation coefficient and concentration values
Data storage Analytical results, instrumental and measurement parameters, signal profile and calibration curves all can be stored in the computer hard disk
Power requirements Power supply : 380V AC three-phase four-wire system phase A, Main unit 220V,50Hz, 200W;
Phase B,Air compressor 220V,2KW
Phase C, graphite furmace power supply 220V,5KW
Instrumental dimensions 110×50×45,weight;75











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