INUlab ultrasonic Pipet Cleaner
  UC300P is designed for washing and
  cleaning pipets in a vessel using
  ultrasonic wave, detergent solution,
  siphon and shower mechanism.

- Allows for cleaning of all pipets
  from micro-to hole pipet.
- Removes contaminants 16 times
  more effectively than hand scrubbing.
- Detergent solution can be used for
  the more effective and safe cleaning

  of contaminated pipets.
- Possible to clean although narrow
  tube of pipets by using
  ultrasonic wave.
- Saves labor, time and costs.

- Cleaninig Method: Ultrasonic wave
- Frequency Output: 300W,40 KHZ
- Timer: ON/OFF,60min
- Overal size: W 400XD345XH900mm
- Vessel size: 170H 650mm
- Basket size: 160H 550mm
- Materials: Coated SUS 304,
  Specialized Clean-PVC
- Power: 220V/60Hz
- Standard Accessories: Basket,
  Connecting Hose, Power Cord

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