The PC Plug-in version of the spectrometer consists of our miniature optical bench mounted on an ISA-bus compatible A/D card. Multiple slave channels, each mounted on a separate ISA-bus card, can be added to the master channel. Each spectrometer channel connects easily via a harness cable.


Sample Configurations

The size, cost and design of Ocean Optics spectrometers combine for applications flexibility not available from other manufacturers. What's more, the ability to interface to a desktop or notebook PC, couple to fiber optics, and add multiple spectrometer channels allows users to create custom systems for far less than the cost of much larger, less flexible turnkey packages. Indeed, applications once thought too costly or not feasible using spectroscopic techniques are now well within reach. The sample configurations shown here range from simple to complex.  

Multi-sampling Setup

Four-channel Spectrophotometer with In situ Absorbance/%T Optics

Standard Setup

Single-channel Spectrophotometer with Reflectance Optics

Dual Setup

Dual-channel Spectrophotometer with Absorbance/%T Optics

The benchtop, or desktop platform consists of the spectrometer and its housing, plus an Ocean Optics ISA-bus compatible A/D card with interface cable. The platform can accommodate multiple channels--a master and slaves--to extend wavelength range, facilitate reference monitoring or allow multipoint smapling

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